Skisens will bring crosscountry skiing to the next level

Skisens’ smart grip provides the most in depth metrics of your skiing technique and capacity. Propulsive power and motion patterns captured with strain guage sensors and IMUs bring the possibility to optimize your performance with higher precision than ever before.


In-field power reveals your capacity, e.g., functional threshold power and power profile

Skiing technique

Pole force and angle shows timing and reflects your skiing technique in field


Real-time power related to absolute power capacity monitors intensity more effectively than heart rate


High-precision coaching based on capacity, intensity, and technique analysis

Powermeter for cross country skiing

Skisens’ mission is to supply sensor solutions for direct measurement of parameters governing physical motion.

The smart ski grip is our high-end product measuring propulsive pole power in cross country skiing. The propulsive power is calculated using data from strain gauge-sensors and IMUs integrated into the handle and transferred your cell-phone or smart watch for real-time feed back during skiing. Post-session analysis, in our web-based user interface and third party platform Todays plan, enables multi-dimensional analysis of capacity and technique.

For capacity and intensity analysis we work with established metrics, such as peak power, functional threshold power, and the power profile, all well established in cycling. 

For technique analysis we use the temporal variations of pole force and angle. These time-series data include very detailed biomechanical information about the propulsive forces and is a unique fingerprint of each skier’s technique. We collaborate with some of the world’s most renowned researchers and have data set examples from athletes on different development level helping us to pinpoint the most important technique factors.


Skisens electronics are, from the very beginning, design to sustain long distance competitions up to 10+ hours 

Skisens technology is features with adjustable sampling rate, up to 1000Hz, to meet the requirements for all types of skiing

The result of Skisens measurements are stored in .fit-files for smooth analysis

The data transfer and communication with Skisens grip is done wireless by bluetooth


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