Powermeter for crosscountry skiing

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Skisens will bring crosscountry skiing to the next level

Skisens’ smart grip provides the most in depth metrics of your skiing technique and capacity. Propulsive power and motion patterns captured with strain guage sensors and IMUs bring the possibility to optimize your performance with higher precision than ever before.


In-field power reveals your capacity, e.g., functional threshold power and power profile

Skiing technique

Pole force and angle shows timing and reflects your skiing technique in field


Real-time power related to absolute power capacity monitors intensity more effectively than heart rate


High-precision coaching based on capacity, intensity, and technique analysis

"Skisens is a revolution for crosscountry skiing, -I am very satisfied with our collaboration"

-Wolfgang Pichler

With precise and essential measurement together with a simple app, Skisens gives skiers the chance to track and analyse performance all by your self.